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See Rihanna's Fenty Fashion Collection in full. It's safe on all sex toys and it has a touch of organic lemon and vanilla so it smells great too without the harsh chemical additives. V Lubricant is the perfect combination between a water-based and silicone lube. Made from organic aloe vera, YES WB is skin nourishing and moisturising, and formulated to deliver the ultimate in sexual arousal during solo and shared pleasure. That's where flavored lubes come in — flavored lubricants are a great option if your lovemaking tends to switch back and forth between oral and vaginal penetration unsurprisingly, ass-to-mouth is discouraged. Oil-based lubes can generally be broken down into two categories:

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But since it's water-soluble, you probably don't want to use it in the bath or shower because it'll dissolve quickly.

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Lubes - 14 best lubricants for sex and masturbation

This organic lubricant by YES is compatible with all types of condoms, latex and silicone sex toys. Note This isn't safe to use with condoms during anal or vaginal sex, and even though it's safe for kissing, you probably don't want to ingest a lot of it during oral sex. To find out more, please read our complete terms of use. Both Jimmy Jane and Lelo also makes hordes of high-end sex toys, and these lubes both work well with—and look as good as—those toys. Boy Butter claims to not be harsh on the female body, but every lady is different, so user beware! More From Sex.

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