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I'm in heaven as I take Lawrence's cock dow my throat, feeling the thrusts as he gets fucked. Dustan let's up and goes in bewtween my legs. He stopped rimming me after he came and got up. Good story, could do with being a bit longer though but still good for a first go. I froze, I didn't know how to react, and all I knew was that it felt really good.

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I was at class, but the professor ended about an hour early, so I got home about an hour before I usually do.

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The lawn boy (bi-sexual threesome story / MMF) - Sex Stories

He stopped rimming me after he came and got up. I was a student looking to finish my final year of university and one of my classes was a night class, and went from on Fridays. She leaned over and slipped her sweet tongue in my mouth. Cleanest woman I have ever been around. When I entered I saw an empty bottle of wine and a half empty bottle of vodka on the counter. Poor comments so far. All the time she was massaging my cock with her right hand.

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